Financial Benefits of Cloud Migration

Business owners can cut costs when adopting new technology if they already have a provision to migrate from on-premise software and infrastructure to on cloud. The IT leaders need to deal with two main problems

Solve technical problems

Reduce costs to implement those solutions

Do you see these goals conflicting with each other? IT leaders face serious confusion when implementing new solutions with existing software infrastructure and resources. An on-premise to cloud migration allows them to deal with both the goals simultaneously.

Nearly all the industries are adopting cloud-based services across all types of service models – Platform as a Service(PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS), and Software as a Service(SaaS).

Our seamless on-premise to azure cloud migration services help you get a cloud-based solution for all of your simple and complex problems.

  • Reduce Disaster Recovery Time:

Initially, companies had to purchase large amounts of physical storage to cope with a disaster. The traditional way to deal with a disaster is to copy all the data to a backup physical media and then begin recovering lost information. Not only is this process error-prone, but it also does not ensure timely and complete disaster recovery.

Using our on-premise to Azure cloud migration services, companies reduce their disaster recovery time by migrating their business to the cloud. The data automatically gets mirrored to other data centers promising 99 percent uptime. Hence, the companies don’t require to pay extra costs or create additional backups. We take the complete responsibility to turn your system up and to run without you needing to worry about anything.

  • Increased Flexibility and reduced Costs without Redundancy:

Every business faces tough competition, and no business can afford redundancy when it comes to meeting deadlines or launching a brand new product. On-premise to Azure cloud migration allows you to share files and access them anywhere and anytime without connecting to the company’s server.

The personal servers are only utilized to a maximum of 15% of their total capacity commonly. Sometimes you might need more servers for additional computation, while at others, you might need most of them. If the servers you purchase to meet an increased demand are not utilized, it will incur you loss, and if you fall short of the servers, it won’t be easy to get them in time. Our Azure cloud migration services allow you to meet your highs and lows in demand without any hassles. After migrating from on-premise to Azure cloud, you can perform your day-to-day business activities. Thus, you pay only for what you use, leading to a zero maintenance cost and zero capital cost for your business.

  • Go Global Instantly at a Negligible Cost:

Our on-premise to cloud migration services allow you to go global instantly. We are making our on-premise to azure cloud migration services available worldwide. Whatever the country that your business plans to expand to, we can provide the coverage for all your server, network, and IT requirements at affordable costs. We ensure that your data’s security is maintained and that your services run smoothly while you continue to do what you are best at.

  • Lower the Number of People:

Maintaining your servers and ensuring that they are forever up and running can require a group of skilled cloud IT professionals. You will also need to invest time and resources to train these people with your server operations and maintenance. IT disaster recovery can be a daunting task for new IT employees. So what seemed like a good investment into your business will be all washed down the drain, potentially making you incur heavy losses. Our premise to azure cloud migration services enables you to hire trained professionals who look after your servers 24*7.

  • Lower Power Costs and Carbon Footprint:

The traditional data centers require a lot of hardware to operate and, in turn, uses a lot of energy. The power consumption will grow as the size of your company grows. Also, at any given time, not all of your servers might be under consumption. Thus, a lot of power is wasted, the hardware is misused, and all of this increases your overall carbon footprint.

One of the easiest ways to avoid this is to use our Azure cloud migration services to migrate to the cloud within 24 hours. Irrespective of your business demands, you only use what you pay, and the servers’ orchestration is done accordingly.

  • Reduced Data Breaches:

A Gartner study held in 2020 claims that 80% of data breaches occur due to the business’s internal processes and not because of the cloud provider. Thus, the companies must ensure that the internal business processes are carried out securely. The data that the business stores on the cloud using our Azure cloud migration services remains safe and the data breach is minimized. Also, while migrating your data, we ensure that the business data is migrated most safely.


The need of the hour is to choose an on-premise to cloud migration service provider. The provider you go for must be able to cater to data protection and ensure that no data loss occurs while migrating. The cloud migration will help your business obtain the necessary competitive edge in this digital time. The digital economy is here to come and stay, and businesses are already preparing for it. Migrating to the cloud with the help of on-premise to cloud migration is the first step in this long and exciting journey. Every business is unique, and we provide tailor-made solutions to each of our clients on a pay-as-you-go basis. 

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