Use Business Intelligence Analytics to Transform Unorganized Data into Actionable Insights

IMC Tech offers business intelligence analytics solutions to help our clients make a clued-up decision depending on loads of your organizational data. With us, you can deliver uninterrupted service right from data incorporation to data visualization.

Our trained BI analytics professionals work on business analytics and business intelligence, focusing on the segmentation of data and its assessment from numerous sources of data, whether it is organized or unorganized data to help you with smart insights related to your products, people, customers, and sales.

Why choose our BI analytics solutions?


Since data is so essential these days, you need to access the right information at the right time. Our BI analytics software will help you make the right business decisions in real-time without you having to do a week full of tedious work to extract useful information from your organizational data. Clients opt for our business analytics solutions for the following reasons:

1. Do away with manual reporting

With our BI analytics services, you do not need to spend long hours managing spreadsheets of data, building charts, and designing graphs. No, not anymore when you choose our business analytics solutions!

Our business analytics in finance incorporates all financial data and transforms the same into easy-to-understand, attractive visuals, all data made up-to-the-minute in real-time. The useful insights gained from data help you make smarter, better decisions.

2. Share and modify reports

This is the age of collaboration and attentive listening and business not just about a chocolate brand’s catchy one-liner. IMC Tech lets you share and modify analytics reports with your investors or workforce to drive data-oriented decisions, thus moving your organization a step ahead.

3. A quick, simple way to access data

With our BI analytics solutions, you do not need to stick to on-premise and the huge upfront outlays that come with it. Clients choose our cloud-based solutions that make data evaluation quick, simple, super easy, and in real-time. Try our business analytics in finance application to enjoy a flawless journey of discovering all your data.

4. Access data from multiple sources

IMC Tech lets you access data from numerous sources, analyze information, and run cross-database inquiries on the go. Do advanced data computations, the information stored in many locations. Our business intelligence analytics help you create superlative and interactive dashboards with data in real-time tailored to your precise business requirements.

5. Get an all-encompassing view of your audience

Get a profound understanding of your audience’s interactions with our business analytics and business intelligence solutions over various touchpoints. Accurate data instills the confidence in you to invest where it matters the most.

Our BI analytics solutions cater to several areas


With us, you can set up, incorporate, personalize, and broaden our business analytics solutions with more data, interactive dashboards, as well as reports. Our solutions have application use in these areas:

Oil and gas sector:

Operations managers in an oil and gas company need to access accurate data to make clued-up business decisions about how much stock to have in place, where they can send resources, and which of the drill locations provide maximum margins. Our BI experts help your supply chain managers meander through the intricacies of their business operations.

High Tech firms:

To cope up with state-of-the-art technologies, high-tech organizations should build, innovate new products continuously. These companies need to provide an all-inclusive and consistent consumer experience and make the most out of digitally advanced products to meet consumer demand. That is they need data to gain actionable insights about their customers.

Consumer products:

Modern customers have more expectations from the company they purchase products from, and so, consumer items and retail firms must attain transparency when it comes to collaboration all through the manufacturing environment. Insightful solutions help consumer items companies with advanced implementation in the warehouse and embrace digital technologies to meet buyer demand.

Industrial manufacturing:

Industrial manufacturing firms need to manage their stock with efficiency to realize buyer expectations and worldwide demand. They need to export and import goods by incorporating physical containers with the aid of blockchain-oriented settlement, ensure digital automation of their production system methods, and make the best use of IMC Tech prognostic maintenance technologies and analytics solutions.

Life Sciences:

When it comes to the life sciences sector, it requires the appropriate tools to adapt to industry changes and foresee demand in the market. Life Science organizations should make the best use of our business analytics and business intelligence solutions to boost supply chain visibility. We help you with a collaborative platform to deal with and share reliable product data for actionable insights.

The benefits of BI analytics

Our BI analytics solutions have multiple benefits for your business. These include:

Give your business a direction with insightful data

Provide you with a better understanding of the working components in your supply chain

Helps you meet your customers’ needs

Our business analytics in finance help to boost your revenues

Create custom dashboards and reports to meet your precise business requirements

If you have more questions related to our BI analytics software, contact us here.

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