Industry 4.0 Accelerator

Maximize uptime of your equipment and ensure seamless operation across the shop floor by implementing the Industrial IoT solution.


Increased efficiency

Increased throughput

Reduced latency

Higher yield

Reduced production cost

Actionable Intelligence

View trends

Manage alerts

View real time health of the assets

Use Cases

Connected Factory

Connect and monitor your industrial assets using standards like OPC-UA with our Connected factory solution. Extract data from brownfield devices to start gathering insights to drive increased performance on the factory floor. Monitor and manage your industrial devices using the connected factory dashboard.

Device Simulation

Develop and test your IoT solution on simulated devices using the device simulation solution accelerator. Conduct realistic tests using complex device models to emulate real-world scenarios. Use the device simulation web app to configure and run simulations.

Remote Monitoring

Collect and analyze real-time device data to trigger automatic alerts and actions—including performing remote diagnostics and automatically initiating maintenance requests. Use the remote monitoring dashboard to view telemetry from your connected devices, provision new devices, and upgrade firmware on your connected devices.

Predictive Maintenance

Analyze streaming data from sensors and devices to predict equipment failures and avoid costly repairs. Go beyond monitoring assets and catch potential issues before they turn into problems. View predictive maintenance analytics using the dashboard.

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