Increase the value of AI by humanizing the Intelligence in AI

Human-centred AI to realize benefits at the time of need

AI is proving to be a differentiator for business across sectors today, including improving customer experiences, augmenting your workforce, and automating repetitive processes. But industry hype will have you believe that AI can solve nearly all your business problems. The reality is, majority of tangible benefits from AI will be task focused, technically referred as Narrow AI.

Which is why we focus on human-centric AI to enable you to achieve more. Our core focus stays on explainability and interpretability of AI for you to engage naturally. The importance of the human element is not lost on businesses. One of the recent researches suggested that 85% of senior- executives & decision-makers agreed that in the future, companies must be able to manage both humans and machines to successfully deploy AI.


Our AI approach revolves around the following pillars:

  • Talent

AI based upskilling and reskilling has become a key component of AI strategies, so you need to rotate your people and leverage your partners and their ecosystems.

  • Data

The fundamentals of AI and the ability to become smarter with machine learning reside in your data.

  • Models and knowledge

You need an advanced analytics engine and library of automation process models, prebuilt calculations, and algorithms.

  • Technology

Computing platforms are key for intelligent APIs, machine learning and automation to make AI more accessible.


We bring the technical capabilities needed to deliver the human-centred AI experience for your organization. These include Microsoft Data Platform, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services, Power BI, Power Platform, Azure Databricks and Azure IoT Edge.

Our following AI solutions enable you to address your business challenges