Our Retail Artificial Intelligence Solutions Put Your Loyal Customers at the Core of All Business Decisions

We IMC Tech combine retail artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, as well as natural language processing together with retail experience and design thinking for innovative solutions for the retail sector with fewer repetitions. Our team of AI retail experts makes the most out of smart, personalized solutions to help you re-imagine the potential of retail business.

How does IMC Tech help you embrace AI?


Our professionals employ artificial intelligence in retail to take your business to another echelon. Here is how we help you adapt to AI for your retail business:

Discovery and innovation workshop:

We analyze all potentials, identify business priorities, and examine success factors for your particular case.

Data policy:

Identify the necessary sources of data as well as data mining, research, and improvement tactics.

Ensure fast pilot implementation:

Our AI experts test your theory affordably and quickly to help you achieve the desired results.

Integration tactic:

Our professionals define the support required by every node of your organizational environment or ecosystem.

Security of data:

We make the best use of retail artificial intelligence to ensure your customer and business data safe and secure.

Roadmap implementation:

We help you carve an effective transformation journey depending on your major business concerns and priorities.

Understand your high-value customers better with our retail AI solutions


Our AI experts know that your high-value customers are the key to the success and growth of your retail business. IMC Tech, AI retail applications help you use AI at scale in merchandising, marketing, as well as the supply chain to ensure lucrative expansion and growth. Here is how: 


Use artificial intelligence in retail and prognostic analytics to recognize your most profitable consumers and localize goods, prices, and promotions to ensure customer loyalty in-store.

Customer gains and earnings:

Make the most out of our predictive analytics software to figure out your high-value customers for a lifetime and ensure retention, marketing strategies, and acquirement.

360-degree view of your customers:

Get an all-encompassing view of your customers, what drives them to your retail store through AI in retail, be it marketing, merchandising, labor, or supply chain.

Boost your inventory:

Use our data-driven analytics software powered with AI to flow and situate your inventory that is essential for your high-value and lifetime customers. Our retail AI solutions will help you exploit inventory, stock return on invested capital (ROIC), and working capital.

Prognostic returns:

Our AI solutions in retail help you deliver uninterrupted processes to build overall return competencies by recognizing items most probably to be returned and consumers driving the returns.

Improve supply chain:

Make the most out of our advanced AI in retail to improve current and future, supply chain real estate that includes retail stores as well as allotment centers.

Why Choose Our AI Retail Solutions


AI in the retail sector is the most trending and potential tool that empowers the majority of businesses, domains, and industries. The innovative technology lets you cut back costs and build a customized shopping experience for your customers.

Driving useful insights from loads of data and providing personalized deals or offers with the help of chatbots, digital assistants, or for that matter, online retail stores helps businesses to be more customer focused. Here are is why clients choose our AI retail solutions:

1. Monitor customer behavior:

Reap the maximum benefits out of artificial intelligence in retail to monitor consumer behavior and analyze their needs. Create customized deals and offers such as gift cards, loyalty points, and prepaid schemes. Our innovative solutions will let you forecast buyers’ needs for maximum engagement, thus resulting in more revenues.

2. Use real-time, personalized dashboards:

Come more close to your consumers by leveraging real-time, personalized dashboards for apt data and reporting. Making the most out of machine learning and AI tools, IMC Tech will help you provide an impeccable shopping experience for your customers through behavioral analytics, data mining, KPI monitoring, and decision support.

3. Forecast sales:

When you have no clue of what your future sales will look like, you will fail to deal with your cash flow and inventory. Our AI retail software will help you to forecast sales and provide useful data that you can leverage to make smart, informed business decisions.

4. Chatbots:

Our AI-fed chatbots help you to build engagement with your customers and deal with loads of queries at the same time, thus cutting back on the costs associated with your store’s workforce. Our AI-powered chatbots are smartly configured to reply to consumer queries and offer recommendations instantly. This way, your retail business will pave a successful path for more customer loyalty and support.

5. Detecting fraud:

Use IMC Tech, AI technology and applications to avert loss, identify frauds, thus gaining customer confidence, and trust in your retail brand. We would use machine-learning algorithms to identify suspicious or fraudulent goings-on your payment systems or platforms, originating from individuals posing as buyers, store staff, and even cyber hackers and fraudsters.

6. Customer churn evaluation:

It means the rate of customer attrition in your retail business. You know that it’s cost-effective to retain your current customers than looking for new ones. Our AI solutions will help you do a churn analysis to help you figure out why consumers aren’t purchasing from your brand and come up with timely steps to stop your existing buyers from turning to your competitors.

7. Identifying abnormalities:

Our AI engineers make the most out of avant-garde technologies to detect abnormalities in actual time and send alerts on those irregularities right away. Our AI retail software will let you monitor KPIs at the most micro stage, alert managers from seeing irrelevant data, and stay ahead of the competition by employing the right resources at the right place.

How clients benefit from our AI retail solutions

There are multiple benefits of using artificial intelligence in retail.They are:

Visual search:

When it comes to visual search systems that are AI-powered, they let your customers upload photos and discover identical products depending on shapes, colors, as well as patterns. Did you know that photo-identification technology gives 95 percent accurate results?

Voice search:

When it comes to Tesco, Walmart, Kohl’s, they use Amazon or Google AI technology for providing shoppers with quick, easy voice search options. Today, customers can ask Alexa for their preferred product as well as its delivery status without making an effort to type the details. Use our AI-powered voice search tools to make your customers’ shopping experience super easy!

Cashier-free retail stores:

With the robotization of stores, it will reduce retail employee costs and ensure considerable savings on operational expenditures. As far as Amazon AI is concerned, it has started its checkout-free stores. The Just Walk Out and Amazon Go technologies respond when someone takes an item from the shelf or places the product back on the shelf again.

When customers walk out of the store with items purchased, their Amazon account will deduct the money for the said purchase. It means cashier-free stores! More retailers like Amazon are now keen on making their stores AI-driven to reduce the employee count to just between 6 and 20.

Use our retail artificial intelligence tools and machine learning-based applications to drive retail sales and grow your business. Stay relevant to AI technologies and ahead of your competitors. If you have more questions about AI retail solutions, contact us here.

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