Most of the processes and activities in the organisation require approvals from key personnel before they are executed. For this, often organisations create an approval workflow that lays out all the tasks involved. However, being a manual process, it often leads to delayed approvals, slow decision making, errors, etc. Therefore, an effective way to handle approval workflows is to automate them using approval workflow management software.

The automated workflow management process not only improves efficiency but also enhances the ability to make and execute better and timely decisions. In today’s time, it is the need of the hour and vital for companies, regardless of the size and the sector they belong to.

Benefits of Automated Approval Workflows

Automated approval workflows help businesses reduce their operational cost and enhance employee satisfaction. Besides approval workflow automation, these software provide request and approval process definition and process visibility.

Business approval workflows automation ensures approval requests are handled effectively and better and faster decisions are made while getting all the necessary information to audit on the approval workflow in time. Utilizing a proper approval workflow software significantly increases the accuracy, transparency and efficiency of your approval processes.

How We Can Help You?

Our software has a lot more to offer than automating your organisations approval processes and making things easier and faster. Some of the other benefits of using our automated workflow management software are:

It helps to streamline business processes and reduce dependency on manual entry.

It helps to minimize errors and reduces the chances of improper approval requests.

It leads to faster approvals and quick decision making.

It helps to avoid process delays and bottlenecks.

It leaves a proper audit trail and therefore helps to establish accountability.

It eases the collection and routing of approval requests.

You don’t have to go through lengthy email strings, forms and spreadsheets.

You can easily track the approval status and collaborate with the team members.

It helps to improve the accuracy, efficiency and transparency of your approval processes.

It offers enhanced visibility into organizational processes.

It leads to better security and compliance adherence.

Automated Workflow Management For All Business Processes

Sales and Marketing

Contract Approvals

Quote Approvals

Lead Qualification Approvals

Product Discount Approvals

Marketing Spends and Campaign Approval

PR and Sponsorship Approvals


Salary Disbursement Approval

Increment Approval

Invoice Approval

Expense Reimbursement Approval

Purchase Approval

Human Resource

New Hire On-boarding Approval

Benefit Change Approval

Time sheet Approval

Vacation Approval


Product Procurement Approval

Quotation and Bid Approval

New Vendor Approval

Quality Assurance Approval

Transform recurring approval processes and business rules into automated workflows with our Approval Workflow Management Software. With our software, you can create multiple approval types and grant access to many business users. Sign up and take a peek at how our Approval Workflow Management Software can make your approval process easier and manageable.

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