Legacy claims management systems have plethora of challenges such as inflexibility, limited visibility into processes, and lack of integration capabilities with other financial systems. Further, third party enrolment and key metrics management is tedious to monitor. All of these challenges around process delays and bottlenecks in turn impact the customer satisfaction negatively.

Key Stakeholders

End Customers, Third party contractors

Finance department

Claims Handling department

Implemented Process Framework

Claims get added to our BPM tool interface and routed for designated review by relevant stakeholders. Once approved, the claim request passes through to the third-party network. The requisite vendor for the work is allocated and throughout the job progress, quality checks are organized as part of internal audits with intention to validate workflows and to ensure requisite standards are maintained. There is provision of seamless integration across departments through to customers. Upon work completion, complete data trail is processed and circulated to Finance department for invoicing and ticket closure.

Key Benefits

Organizations can derive following key benefits from our solution-

Complete process visibility and control- needed to ensure correct work allocation.

Streamlined processing of the work order with high standards of service.

Efficient and interactive internal and customer reporting throughout the value chain.

Omnichannel integration- web channel connected with mobile with backend database in turn enabling efficient information flow.

Therefore, connect with IMC Tech today to embark on the exciting journey of tech adoption to streamline your Claims management processes.

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