Most large organizations have experienced compliance and risk management challenges in their journey. Safeguarding investors and other stakeholders by enhanced accuracy and reliability measures for corporate disclosures and discouraging corporate and accounting frauds is of extremely high importance to any public listed company. Our Compliance & Risk Management solution tracks financial processes tracking in line with industry-specified frameworks, risk monitoring, alert generation and tracking. By virtue of audit trail in a single interface, our solution allows you to stay on top of your compliance needs.

Key Stakeholders

Senior Executives

Internal Audit Teams

Financial Controllers


Implemented Process Framework

Consolidation of financial data by audit teams into industry-specific control frameworks. Documentation of processes based on weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual guidelines. Internal audit teams can then assign control tests and measure results based on the outcome. A separate process permits the audit team to raise, track and resolve issues; while yet another process enables surveys to be created and the results reported. Finally, consolidated reports on these financial processes, controls, issues and surveys provide a comprehensive summary of our financial compliance procedures.

Key Benefits

Substantial reduction in time and cost associated with risk management. Further, real time dashboards enable real time visibility into alerts, high-risk issues in a visualized form. One stop consolidated view in a single web-based environment of all the relevant information.

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