Providing Digital Transformation using Azure Cloud Migration Services

Providing Digital Transformation using Azure Cloud Migration Services

Migrate to Cloud without any Doubts!

It was a thing of the past when businesses needed to think twice before opting for cloud migration services from a cloud migration service provider. Today, there are innumerable reasons that guide you to transform your business with a cloud migration service provider digitally.

In recent years, cloud migration services emerged, catering to an enthralling user experience. Smart and user-friendly applications, tech-savvy solutions, and real-time updates to these applications enable the customers to enjoy an unparalleled experience.

As many businesses migrate to Cloud using our cloud migration services, the implementation and onboarding costs are automatically reducing. We can serve a large number of clients and help them increase their revenues through increased customer satisfaction. You can do so much more with your business by simply deciding to migrate to cloud. There are innumerable benefits like secure applications, reduced data breaches, collaborative online work environments etc.

Our Cloud Migration Services

As your cloud migration service provider, our top-notch priority is to help you with a smooth transition from on-prem to Cloud in absolutely no time at all. We analyze the business IT infrastructure and help you with various answers. Our role does not end with merely migrating your current on-prem IT infrastructure to Cloud and helping your employees adapt to the digital transformation.

Our primary cloud migration services are Azure cloud migration services as a cloud migration service provider. We also ensure zero risk and full security from data breaches while migrating your data to Cloud. Having catered to many clients, we have more than a decade of experience in migrating high volume and complex applications. We generally divide our strategy into three broad steps:


What to migrate:
As your cloud migration service provider, we determine which approach-public, private, or hybrid will be best for your business. We further define the order in which your applications should be migrated and the infrastructure that needs to be migrated. We adopt a customer-centric approach and attempt a dry run of the services so that your business does not suffer any negative impacts.


How to migrate:
While migrating to the Cloud, we mainly migrate various forms and applications. While performing this operation, there are many risks, but as your cloud migration service provider, we ensure that we do it in a zero risk and a hundred percent secure manner.


Where to migrate:
After deciding what approach to adopt out of the public, private and hybrid methods, our next step is to help you identify the amount of server space that will suit best for your use case.

How do we provide Cloud Migration Services?

Many paradigms need to be kept in mind when you first think of migrating to the Cloud. We must ensure that your current services remain fully functional during migration, and there is no negative end-user impact. Having served several clients as their cloud migration service provider, we intricately observed patterns. We laid them down in the form of a full-proof strategy for migrating any business to the Cloud. The following steps outline the procedure that we follow to help you transition smoothly to a cloud infrastructure.

Strategic Planning

As your cloud migration service provider, our essential duty is to identify a cloud migration roadmap keeping in mind your current and future business needs. We engage in a dialogue with the key stakeholders in your business IT infrastructure and develop an ideal strategy.

Proof of Concept (POC) Audit

This stage involves building a pilot environment with all your existing services and applications regarding how they would behave when on Cloud eventually. Our Azure cloud services get tested for your IT infrastructure.

Migrating your data

After the PoC succeeds, we define a clear strategy for migrating your data. As your cloud migration service provider, we identify which databases to make and also the backup databases. Once we decide on the strategy, we initiate the actual data migration on Azure cloud servers.

Application migration

After migrating your data, it is natural to migrate your applications and services next. After the application migration strategy gets decided, we move on to create different server images for your application’s components. We also make you aware of any updates to the code to make it Cloud compatible.

The Final Validation

This stage includes validating that all the components are working fine. As your cloud migration service provider, we help you leverage multiple availability zones and lay down a business continuity plan.

Security Management

After your IT infrastructure shifts to Cloud, we need to test if all the security tools are working accurately for all your workloads. We also help the key stakeholders from your IT team become acquainted with all the necessary security tools and recommendations. We also manage and ensure that your cloud environment is dynamic and can meet all the workloads.

Our Cloud Migration Tools

As a cloud migration services provider, we use Azure Cloud as a primary cloud service provider. Microsoft Azure provides a lot of tools to migrate your data and applications to the Cloud. Moreover, Azure migration tools provide an Azure migration central hub, which immediately allows your business to track its cloud migration journey. The set of tools utilizes an end-to-end tracking of progress to track your server and database migrations.

Unlike other cloud providers, Azure allows you to perform as-is app migration to the cloud infrastructure using infrastructure as a service (IaaS).


At IMC Tech, we provide you the right mix of guidance proactively to help you migrate all your workloads to the Cloud without any hassles. As your cloud migration services provider, we provide round the clock assistance at every stage of the cloud migration process. We help you to minimize the errors and glitches by addressing your infrastructure needs. Moreover, by migrating to Cloud, you reduce the latency of your applications and shield your services against any significant downtimes. Even when outages occur, it’s so much easier to back your data up and bring to life the died out service again.

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