Finance and Accounting Automation

Close the gaps in your organization’s accounting and financial processes with our FAA RPA solution. Optimize cash conversion, eliminate delayed processing of accounts payable and accounts receivable, and reduce inventory turnover. Our solution can enable you to close all the major industry wide gaps in financial automation and accounting automation.

Our uniform goal with this solution is to free you up so that you are empowered to focus on the strategic work that brings joy and adds business value.

Key Benefits

Build visually stimulating automation schemas with utmost ease. With limited to zero technical knowledge expected.

Automate processes on top of your existing legacy systems and create unified data layer across all your applications

Algorithm Audit capabilities: Stay on top of your implementation with complete audit trails

Easy to use drag-and-drop Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities

Handholding and knowledge transfer in terms of personalized training

Therefore, connect with IMC Tech today to embark on the exciting journey of tech adoption to streamline your Finance & Accounting processes.

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