Customers are the lifeline of any business. They truly determine the success and failure of a business. Therefore, it is essential to serve them quickly and efficiently. 

The customer order processing can often be time-consuming and daunting as it involves numerous processes such as data entry, invoice printing, shipping label printing, address verification, inventory updation, reordering of stocks, etc.  

Manual order processing is often prone to errors, fulfilment delays and inefficiencies which can negatively impact your customer relationship, drain your resources, restrict your cash flows, hinder your growth and ultimately put your reputation at stake. In fact, if they keep occurring, they could even put you out of business.

Common Challenges in Order Processing

Some of the common challenges faced by organisations in the order processing function are:

Increased errors

Lengthy processing times

Increased processing costs

Work duplication

Difficulties in tracking and managing order status

Missing or lost orders

Reduced customer confidence

Loss of repeat business

Lack of communication and coordination between production and service delivery lines

Rethink Your Approach To Automation

The ideal solution to the above problems is sales order processing automation. It is proving to be effective in enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing operational efficiency. Besides, it reduces or eliminates manual errors and streamlines the entire sales order processing cycle to help you better serve your customers. 

Advantages of Sales Order Processing Automation

Some of the immediate and tangible benefits of implementing our automated sales order processing are as follows:

It helps to automate the end-to-end order process.

It eliminates manual errors.

It improves order processing efficiency and productivity.

It helps you with quick order capture/entry and at the same time trigger various order processing and fulfilment scenarios.

It offers improved visibility into the order status.

It helps to streamline and expedite the order processing.

It helps with timely and accurate order routing and notifications.

It increases your data control by integrating order processing software with business accounting and warehouse management systems.

It eliminates the requirement of lengthy paper work.

It reduces duplicated efforts.

It leads to lower processing costs.

It helps you manage complex business rules and simplifies order entry and fulfilment.

It accelerates sales order processing cycle time.

It helps to free up staff for more value-added tasks

With better customer service, it improves customer satisfaction.

It offers real-time workflow tracking and provides control over order processing.

Enhance your customer satisfaction, overall profitability and the company’s reputation with our sales order processing automation. Our software uses AI and RPA technology to address and streamline the common manual processes of order taking through a centralized and cloud-based platform.

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