Current Scene and Challenges

Worldwide, companies are aspiring to collect huge quantities of data to enable effective digital transformation and growth. Even though they have reached a certain level of maturity in data accumulation, most organizations have limited understanding of latest data processing techniques.

Challenges aligning business problems to data solutions

Negligible ‘real value’ is derived from the collected data as insights cannot be generated accurately or in time.

Most data sources remain disparate and scattered due to the lack of integration and right set of tools.

Security and validation of data is of high concern.

Business Solution

In today’s competitive landscape, the use of high-end data analytics tools is critical for staying ahead of the competitors.

Actionable intelligence, which can be linked to end business value, is the need of the hour.

Building scalable tech stack based on an organization’s current data maturity.

Proper visibility of data is essential for creating intelligent workflows.

In-depth understanding of business problems is needed for precise integration with the collated data.

Business Analytics Consulting Services at IMC Tech

The data consultants at IMC Tech come with deep industry experience of AI-based enterprise solutions.

Ethical adoption of analytics is at the heart of all solutions at IMC Tech.

Our close collaboration with Microsoft, as a MS partner, positions us as a strategic partner of our clients in the development of transformation project roadmaps.

The team’s core focus on tangible business success metrics for all projects.

Who Benefits?

At IMC Tech, our BI and data analytics unpack new business opportunities, outline inefficient processes and enable cost-cutting. Our analytics consulting brings actionable impact to:

End customers of our clients

Business heads (who get to see enhanced business value)

Managers (who experience more successful projects)

Operations teams (who enjoy streamlined business processes)

Why IMC Tech for Analytics?

Deep-rooted industry experience from the business side

We have already lived your business problems; and are skilled at aligning them to technical solutions

Our partnership with Microsoft and expertise in MS technology stack

Positions us well to build strategic technology driven solutions.

Ethical adoption of technology

At IMC Tech we lay key emphasis on governance for responsible adoption of technology.

Get in touch for data maturity assessment and for building your technology adoption roadmap!