Current Scene and Challenges

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly finding its way into several industries. The pace of evolution of this space is unprecedented when compared to half a century ago when it came into existence. However, research brings out some pertinent bottlenecks impacting the adoption of AI at individual company level

Company culture doesn’t recognize the value of AI adoption.

Lack of mature data estate that serves as foundation for AI strategy.

The paradigm shift of AI requires a significant skills transformation. Low productivity in turn impacts the time to market for such AI solutions.

AI technologies are still emerging and in continuous change and mostly don’t meet the requirements of reliability, scale and trust of an Enterprise.

Business Solution

AI is the defining technology of our time. To stay at the forefront of this innovation following business solutions are recommended for ambitious organizations –

Ability to integrate AI solutions wherever your data is - on -prem, edge, fog or cloud.

Need of an open & productive AI platform for developers to innovate upon with the existing skillset they have.

Anchored on the reliability and trust needed by Enterprises, AI platforms are needed that are stable and robust for production grade solutions.

AI Consulting Services at IMC Tech

Being a proud Microsoft partner, IMC Tech has been working strategically with its customers to –

Assess their AI readiness: Review company strategy, capabilities, and culture to learn whether AI is the right move for the organization.

Creating a winning AI strategy: Learn how AI is providing a competitive edge to businesses.

Implementing battle tested AI accelerators on top of existing data stack of companies.

Key Stakeholders

For successful and ethical adoption of AI, its imperative that companies form steering committees with both internal and external stakeholders. Following are the key members of such a journey –

Business Leaders & Executives - change drivers

Legal & Compliance - part of the governance framework

Engineering & Product Teams - leaders of AI solutions

HR & Employee Unions - key influencers

Why IMC Tech for AI?

IMC Tech has a history of empowering its customers to achieve more through actionable AI solutions. And below are some of the reasons why we are best partners for this journey –

Deep-rooted industry experience from the business side

We pride in building ethical AI solutions which abide by the compliance and governance frameworks of the organizations.

Our partnership with Microsoft and expertise in MS technology stack

Our partnership with Microsoft and expertise on MS AI stack: Uniquely positions us as one with gamut of cutting edge AI tools to build upon.

Ethical adoption of technology

Key focus on tangible business impact through adoption of AI.

Get in touch for your organization’s AI maturity assessment and for getting started on this exciting journey!