Current Scene and Challenges

As part of digital transformation initiatives, Cloud adoption is becoming more and more relevant for organizations. They are moving workloads to cloud to achieve scale, elasticity, reduced cost and strategic value. The idea behind quick cloud adoption is to scale services, fit their needs, and leverage third-party services.

However, most companies are facing numerous challenges in their cloud adoption journeys:

Security concerns about limited visibility into control over their own data.

Inability to build cost effective architectures with best suited components based on their business needs.

Inability to build a hybrid architecture for on- prem and cloud.

Business Solution

The emergent need is to create and integrate cloud-hybrid or native solutions for more lucrative business outcomes.

Enterprise customers can gain a better understanding of Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Adoption Framework (and other cloud services) with sound technical guidance.

Flexible, secure and in-depth knowledge of cloud adoption is a must.

Tangible cloud business solutions like Amazon Web Services can help companies secure costly IT resources and applications in the cloud.

Hosted, on-premises or hybrid cloud solutions? IaaS, PaaS and SaaS equipment software/applications can provide deployment models for effective cloud computing.

Cloud services can customize applications to provide virtualization, collaboration and support.

Who Benefits?

We empower culture, technology, and operations of clients with fruitful cloud adoption strategies.

Our cloud services impact the objectives and KPIs of:

Business managers, administrators and decision makers (who gain cost-savings, business continuity benefits, cloud scalability and flexibility).

Employees (who get to access resources from any remote location, anytime, using tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc.).

IT security and compliance teams (they can mitigate technical risks, security breaches and attacks).

IT governance and operation teams (who get simplified ways of handling, software, network, workloads, servers, storage, bandwidth, etc.).

Why IMC Tech for Cloud Adoption?

At IMC Tech, we align our cloud offerings in line with your business objectives. With in depth Microsoft Azure expertise, IMC Tech is the best partner in this journey for following reasons-

Trigger off smart business intelligence and innovative processes to increase business worth. Our cloud services and designs can make your digital transformation journey fast and hassle-free.

The cloud is not new to us. Our deep industry understanding enables fast and effective cloud adoption to match your expected cloud outcomes.

We follow Microsoft’s approach to cloud adoption. Our cloud frameworks will provide the right tools, narratives and guidance to shape up your business.

Create and align actionable adoption plans for seamless cloud migration.

Automate your workloads to secure more tangible migration results.

Optimize your digital experiences with IMC Tech. Reach out to our cloud management capabilities to create more business value, today.