Tap into unlimited Cloud potential with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a recognized leader in both private and public cloud. It’s an open cloud, providing ready access to over 180+ preconfigured services and the choice to use the technologies per your organization’s investment roadmap. MS Azure provides a plethora of fully integrated set of IaaS and PaaS capabilities, including cutting edge technologies in the space of AI and machine learning, analytics, DevOps, internet of things and data security, all of which complement and integrate with on-premises systems.

As Microsoft Azure cloud services partner, we enable organizations to fully exploit the potential of Azure. Speed, scalability, economics, data, analytics, AI, cognitive services and more, all from one provider, optimized just for you.

Capabilities to help you get the most from Azure

IMC Tech provides a holistic set of cloud services, as well as expertise in building innovative solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform. We can help you get the most from Azure.

1. Azure AI and Machine Learning

Today, our imagination is the only limitation to AI applications. Advanced analytics techniques using AI and machine learning make it practical for machines to think and learn. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning enables data scientists to prepare data, develop experiments and deploy models at cloud scale. You can then leverage Docker containers for experiments in managed environments and have the ability to use advanced hardware to accelerate execution. Azure Machine Learning includes three components (Workbench, Experimentation Service and Model Management Service), a learning library as well as Visual Studio Code Tools for AI.

At IMC Tech, we can help you start with the questions you haven’t even thought of yet. Our design-led analytics workshops enable you to envision the possibilities of new products, new business models, operational efficiencies, advanced customer experiences and more.

2. Azure SQL

Azure SQL Database is a relational cloud database that allows you to accelerate app development and use the familiar SQL database engine. Migrate your SQL server databases without changing your apps. Connect your data to the built-in artificial intelligence and advanced analytics capabilities to maximize performance, data protection and accelerated app development. This approach has the benefit of low maintenance and the same performance, scalability and reliability of Microsoft’s Azure cloud in IaaS and PaaS models.

We can help you combine the power of Microsoft’s data platform, Azure SQL Database and advanced analytics to make your analytics dream a reality. We help you use all your data, manage and maintain it, as well as get the insights you need to accelerate your business delivered as-a-service.

3. Azure Cognitive Services

Everywhere you look, there is opportunity to infuse your apps, websites and bots with intelligent algorithms to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret your user needs through natural methods of communication.

Microsoft Cognitive Services uses image processing algorithms, complex information mapping combined with semantic search, natural language processing, speech conversion and search to address your toughest business problems. And with the deepest Microsoft Azure capabilities in the world, we’re the best choice for helping you solve these problems.

4. Azure Databricks

Azure Databricks is a key enabler to help clients scale AI and unlock the value of disparate and complex data. If you are looking to quickly modernize to cloud services, we can use Azure Databricks to transition you from proprietary and expensive systems to accelerate operational efficiencies and new business models.

No matter where you are in your data and AI maturity, there is still time and opportunity to transform the value driven from your data leveraging the Azure Platform and Azure Databricks.

5. Azure Security

Security is baked into all aspects of Azure usage irrespective of the service being used. Protect your data, apps and infrastructure quickly with built-in security services in Azure that include unparalleled security intelligence to help identify rapidly evolving threats early — so you can respond quickly. Implement a layered in-depth strategy across identity, data, hosts and networks. Unify your security management and enable advanced threat protection in hybrid cloud environments.

Leverage our experience to build your Azure expertise

IMC Tech is a Microsoft partner for Azure, Data Analytics and AI. Here’s how you can benefit from our extensive expertise.

Application modernization specialists.

We have enabled our clients to modernize their applications and services and we combine that experience with our cloud expertise to help you realize tangible benefits.

Cloud-first vision

IMC Tech has been partner for Azure consumption of number of Microsoft clients and we are very much aligned to Microsoft’s cloud-first vision. We have the in-depth capability to architect, integrate, secure and manage solutions based on Microsoft Azure across systems and devices.

Cloud-driven analytics expertise

We provide cloud-scale data and analytics solutions that integrate data and business processes.